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Aalborg Broncestøberi ApS is a small foundry established in 1997. The foundry is owned and operated by Lene Stefansen and Flemming Purkær.

We offer moulding in various allays such as Aluminium, Bronze and Brass.

We mould items of any size with a weight from 5 grams to 400 kg in series from 1 to 1000 pieces.

The main productions consist of various types of industrial parts. Further more we specialise in the production of ornaments for thumb stones, articles of art craft, moulding for artists and various repairs.

It is the goal of our company to be innovative, creative and to be tuned in to what the customers wants. We strive to deliver the absolute best quality and to always keep deadlines. It is very important for us to maintain flexibility in the production – no task is too large or too small for us.


Lene Stefansen og Flemming Purkær




In our inventory we have bronze letters in various fonts in sizes from 20 to 50 mm. We also have models for casting letters in sizes up to 400 mm. These letters can be delivered in bronze, brass or aluminium.


If you have a special requirement as to font and size we will be happy to quote a price for producing the required models.


We manufacture signs and logos according to your requirements for font and logo. The signs can be manufactured as positive or negative text in bronze, brass or aluminium.


All letters and signs in bronze or brass can be coloured using various browning and lacquers. If cast in aluminium we can offer colouring using different lacquers.


You are always most welcome to enquire about your particular requirements.



All casting is done in sand forms. The special type of wet sand that we use insures a high level of details in the finished sculpture.

The models from which we cast are typically made in wood, clay, gas concrete, polystyrene or other hard or frozen materials.

Your model can be cast in various alloys such as Bronze, Brass or Aluminium.

We can also offer to polish and or to patinate your sculptures unless you wish to do this yourself.

We are happy to give you a price for casting your sculpture. Our pricing is based on how much time and material is required your particular sculpture, in this way we assure you the absolute best price.

Our prices are competitive and our quality is very high.

We cast for many artists throughout Denmark and will be happy to cast for you regardless of where in the world you live.


We have a large number of applied art items for your home.

All products are Danish Design and manufactured in our Danish plans.

As an example you may wish to view our collection of accessories for the bathroom and hallway such as mirrors, shelves, hooks and toilet paper holders – all can be delivered in Bronze or Aluminium.

You may also wish to see our unique birdhouses and bird feeders in Bronze.




We cast all forms of industrial goods in various alloys such as Aluminium, Aluminium Bronze, Bronze, and Brass. The goods are caste in sand forms.


We offer casting after your existing models or we assist you in the production of new models.


The goods typically vary in weight from 5 grams to 400 kg, and can be in series of 1 to 1000.


We will be happy to quote a price based on your drawings.


Please call fax or E-mail to receive a non-committal quote from us.




We will be happy to cast your unique / special items or any other special task you require.


Only the imagination limits the special tasks we are ready to undertake.


Some examples of special castings that we have done:


Legs in aluminium for tables and bar stools for a cruise vessel.


Manufacturing, adaptation and browning of brass profiles for an Art Gallery.


Manufacturing of ”Info Sticks” for Sparvath Design in Denmark. The task included modelling, prototyping and mass production.


Manufacturing of different letters, signs, logos etc. for InterFlora and for Varde Ovne.


Modelling and the production of relief’s for the military.


Repair of bronze sculptures




Any information you provide will only be used for internal use and will not be given / sold to any 3. party.


The items you order via this Web will not be considered a firm order before you have received an order confirmation from us. All prices are ab Aalborg. Freight will be charged separately and the means of transportation will be agreed with you prior to shipment.


Payment will be done via international money transfer – details will be provided.